The Team

Flying Gazelle Running is a family run project based in Dorset, England. We have a passion for running and wanted to express this by creating race events that are flexible and tailored to you.

As qualified Clinical Psychologists working in the NHS, we have experienced first hand the benefits that getting outdoors and walking/running can have on a persons physical and mental health. So this is our way to promote running and make it fun and interesting (and also challenging) at the same time.

To give something back, we fundraise for mental health by hosting events each year in which 100% of profits go to mental health charities. We also plant 5 trees alongside every entry, to improve our carbon footprint.

Our events are for any and every runner, from the beginner to the seasoned pro. The difficulty of any race is determined by how much the runner puts in. You can walk, run, or sprint... we leave that up to you.



Neil completed his first event in 2008, the Plymouth Half Marathon. But it wasn't until 2019 that Neil really became passionate about running, especially on the trails of Dorset. He has ran half marathons, marathons, and an ultra marathon. He is currently training for PBs in the half a full marathon, and mile collecting in prep for a couple of Ultras in 2022. 

Follow his training on insta @psychologistontherun 



Yasmin has taken up running in the last couple of years. She started with the couch to 5k and then moved up to 10k distances. After giving birth to our son in early 2021, she has been gradually building up her strength and stamina, and is now a regular parkrun goer. She recently completed a trail 10k event, and she is currently training for her first half marathon event in 2022.

You can follow Yasmin's training on insta @pscyhologymama_



Gus is the kind of guy that makes running look easy. If you are running up a hill, Gus will get to the top first. He's like that. Gus likes to run the live routes that you guys will race, scouting them out and ensuring he leaves his scent for good measures.